The Guard of the Ocean Engineering

DWS502 is selected to participate the construction  of the Super Engineering:Hongkong-Zhuhai-Macao   Bridge.

These products have been installed in the Channel site at September, 2014. (Provided by DP)




The Challenge of the Strong Electromagnetic Disturbance

At June 28, 2014, The DOUBLEWISE Aviation Obstruction Light GZ155 has been recognized as the qualification product by XI’AN Broadcast & Television Company after these lights are operated over six months on XI’AN TV Tower. The customer claims that the GZ155 can work well in the environment of strong electromagnetic disturbances around the TV Tower.(Written by TS)



The Guests come from Brazi

 At March, 26, 2014, Mr. Andre and Mr. Alexander of Brazil LIQUIM Company visited our factory. We fully discussed the issues about Marine industry and Aids to Navigation, and finally reach the agreement for a long-term cooperation.  (Written by OM)



The PV Power station in JIANOU Industrial Park

On May 9th, 2013, the project of  JIANOU national solar photo-electrical building application has began. This project is composed by JIANOU Hua County Industrial Park roofs and terrestrial arrays. There are 5,240 poly silicon standard modules (Unit:245 Wp )and 1,283 kW total system size. The installation team of our company officially entered the site and started the construction on July 21st. This summer was extremely hot, our team worked hard and organized well regardless of the heat. The project is going smoothly until now. Thumbs up for those standing in the first line! (Provided by DE, August 2013)

National Innovation Funds project progress

Double Wise gained the support of National Tech Department Innovation Funds. The project is the development of Solar LED light with self-testing and wireless transmission. Up to now, the earlier stage project approach meant and experiments of main functions are finished, entering the stage of completing overall project design. Subsystems designs are in progress systematically as planned. The sample system would be trial-manufactured by the end of this year. (Provided by TS Department, July 2013)

Solar acoustic-optic alarm crowned with national patent

May 23rd, 2013, a creative product which cost 18- month development, solar acoustic-optic alarm, passed the national patent application. The patent numbers are 201320284682.4. It is a solar PV product combined with electronic technologies, detection technologies and acoustic-optic control technologies. This product fills the vacancy of this field in Chinese market. Also, it has promising application future. (Provided by  TS Department, May 2013)

Solar marine aquaculture safety investigation and survey

During April 6th to 20th, 2013, our chief engineer with the special salesman of marine aquaculture safety products and others attended the ninth Pan-Beibu Gulf (Guangxi) Aquaculture and Agriculture EXPO.  During the EXPO, many products with national patent of Double Wise got excellent responses by exhibiting companies and aquaculture cultivation companies. Then, they visited customers coastal cities, like Beihai, Port of Fangcheng and Zhanjiang and investigate and survey focused on marine aquaculture safety with them. We're here showing our special thanks to the support of those related deep sea cages manufacture companies and aquaculture cultivation companies. (Provided by Domestic Marketing Department, April 2013)


Cooperative partner routine factory tour

December 14th, 2012, Hendy Suprihat from a Indonesia company visited Double Wise. Hep had a routine tour of solar alarm light manufacturing and further communication with leaders of Double Wise about product development and manufacture. This company have had cooperation with Double Wise for years. With efforts of both sides, products from Double Wise are widely praised in Indonesian and Southeast Asian market. (Provided by Oversea Marketing Department, January 2013)




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