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Several young engineers who dream to chase up the Sun established Shaanxi Double Wise Digital Science & Technology Co., Ltd in 2001.

With great enthusiasm and confidence, we have worked on the application of the Solar Photovoltaic system over 14 years. We always enjoy and appreciate each trouble met in the company’s growing way. Although no spectacular,but we harvest all we need.

    In the field of solar PV and LED technology, we have gathered plenty of precious experience and summarized many effective solutions in the solar lighting or warning system.

    What you are looking now is a team full of energy and creativity. "Be severe with myself and lenient towards others." and "The knowledge can be obtained by only carefully analyzing the natural phenomenon.", these concepts are gradually becoming mottos of every employees' daily life, instead of advocacy at the beginning. The ability of learning and solving problems are the top qualities we value. At the same time,we put them on our feet with every step.

    We are proud of the outstanding achievements in the Solar Marine ATON Light, the Solar Ship Navigation lamps, Aviation Obstruction Lights and the Solar Outdoor Lighting. By now, there are 120,000 sets of Double Wise solar warning lights or lighting lamps operating in more than 80 countries all over the world. Eight Chinese patents and over 20 kinds of solar products are a reward for our efforts.

What we pride for is that we solved a lot of practical problems for our customers. However we can’t stop our steps, because many problems are waiting for us to solve. Your wise choice with our professional ability makes DOUBLE WISE to overcome greater challenges.

What We Want to Do
Our Mission is to charge ourselves in thought and technology,then to light others. At first we must raise our understanding ability about nature and humanity by repeating continuously this process: Learning, Practicing, Thinking and Solving; Secondly, these ability can help us have a better life; Finally, we can also help other people around us.

Our Vision is to be the most reliable global provider of innovative solar and LED products, services and solutions.

● Drive quality into all we do;

● Strictly abide by the principles of product design: Easy operation, Compact, Endless reliability and Durability;

● Details matter.

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Patent name

Patent number

A Solar Switch under The Weak Sunlight


A LED Lamp with The Function of? The Automatic Detection and Wireless Transmission


The Control Method of the Solar Street Light with The Function of The Automatic Detection and Wireless Transmission


The Disc-type Solar Lamp
A Solar Ultrasonic Generator
Solar Ship Sidelights
A Solar Acoustic-optical Alarm

The Special Lens for solar lamps


● The Office Area


Doublewise is a manufacturer of solar LED products which its headquarter is located in XI’AN City,China.Our factory covers an area of 14 acres and the office space of 4500 square meters.





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