On the rural street, or in the mountain road,
It plays a role as a solar street light;
On the side of a pathway, or in the water of a pond,
It becomes a solar yard light;
On the top of a signboard, or upon the wire pole,
It is the same as a solar flood light;
On the grass of a garden, or at the side of a shrub,
It turns to be a solar landscape light;

Doublewise is constantly researching solar LED lighting systems since 2001. After experiencing different kinds of applications,
Doublewise solar LED lighting solutions have formed the characteristics of self-contained design, advanced technologies, durability and low-cost. These solar products are specially suitable for those lighting applications of Pathway, Park, Signboard, Parking Lot and Street.

Features and Benefits of the solar UFO lamp


The solar UFO lamp integrates all parts of a solar lighting system into a Polycarbonate disc which diameter is 320mm and thickness is 66mm. These parts include a solar panel, a lithium battery, a controller with self-adaptive algorithm, a group of LEDs and an infrared sensor (optional). Its dimension charts are as follows:


Side View
Bottom View



The solar UFO lamp can meet the need of many applications because of its small and self-contained features. The typical applications are introduced in what follows:

    When it’s installed under 1.5 meters, it can play the role of a garden lamp. The better lighting effect, the color choice and the autonomy over 10 rain days make it with high quality.



    When it’s placed on the water of a pond, it may becomes a solar insecticidal lamp which violet light can effectively trap insects eating by fishes.



    While it stands at the height of 1.5~3 meters, it turns to be a solar landscape lamp. It can be arranged on the top of a self-designed modeling or in the side of a shrub.



    When it’s put on a wall or a signboard, it generally is called as a solar safety lamp. The similar applications also include a bus stop , a dangerous sign and a box transfer.



    While it’s installed in the height of 3~4 meters, it is an excellent solar yard light that appears in the rural street, park, pathway, parking lot or on the wire pole.



    Some new lighting solutions can be realized by combining the solar UFO lamp with other parts. For example, a solar libra light can be composed of two solar UFO lamps as the following photo and may be installed up to the height of 5 meters.



    The solar flood light incorporates a solar UFO lamp with a LED lamp as follows.



    The solar mushroom light combines a solar UFO lamp with a cylinder Lens as follows.





Here at Doublewise, our pursuit is that every family in the world could afford the solar lamp. How to reduce the cost of the solar UFO lamp?

(1)Technically, we pay attention to every detail of the energy conversion process from sunlight input to light output and energy management. We introduce our patent technology “a switch about weak light” to the solar UFO lamp that can be charged a satisfactory power even in a rain day; The UFO lamp’s output is controlled by a self-adaptive algorithm that adjusts the lamp’s work in terms of weather and electrical power; If need, the solar UFO lamp with an infrared sensor makes it more intelligent.

(2)Zero installation fee
Easy-operation and easy-installation make it don’t need the professionals, the installation can be performed by the user.

(3)Almost-zero maintenance fee
The lamp is small and convenient for Express Delivery, so we don’t go to the scene to maintain. If your lamp has any failure, you can easily mail to our office.


Suggest the user to read before the solar UFO lamp is installed.

The sign in the bottom of the UFO lamp represents a touch switch that only turns off the lamp in the transport process or a long-term storage. In order to let the lamp start its work, please button the sign after the removal of the package foam. A simple way can verify whether the switch turns on:

  1. Put the solar panel of the UFO lamp down on the surface of a table or the ground. If the lamp is lighting, the switch is on, otherwise the switch is off.
  2. While the lamp is lighting on, turn the lamp over and let the solar panel upward. If the lamp is off, the light control of this lamp works normally.
The installation of the UFO lamp is very easy. Please button , you can see several mounting patterns for reference. If you have a special installation demand, please contact our technical support( zhangguohui@2wise.com.cn)


  Free Maintenance

Here the free-maintenance means free of the field maintenance. Because of the small of the solar UFO lamp and the convenience of Express, it is very easy and cheap that the fault lamp is mailed to Doublewise. Please keep the packaging foam well to reuse.

The specifications of the solar UFO lamp



Solar UFO lamp



Solar Panel




Light Source

Ultra-bright white LED




Lithium battery 10.5AH/7.4V


Stainless steel (optional)


Self-adaptive control algorithm

Switch Mode

Sunlight control + time control

Shell Material

Polycarbonate (PC)

Working Hours

4-6 hours



Anti-rainy Days

6-8 days

Mounting Hole Size





Quality Certification


CE Certification


Chinese Patent





  • The Solar Country Street Lighting, Xi’an, Shaanxi, 2013
  • The solar Town’s Square lighting, Pingliang, Gansu, 2013
  • The solar UFO Lamp on a Wire Pole, Hu County, Shaanxi, 2014
  • The Pheasant Farm, Binyang, Guangxi, 2013
  • The solar UFO lamp in a Park, Xi’an, Shaanxi, 2014
  • The solar UFO lamp in a Park, Xi’an, Shaanxi, 2014
  • The Yard Lighting Using a Solar Libra Lamp, Xi’an, Shaanxi, 2013
  • The Solar UFO Lamp in a Signboard, Xi’an, Shaanxi, 2014
  • The Solar Lighting of a Pond, Gaoyou, JIangsu, 2013
  • The Solar Lighting of a Pond, Gaoyou, JIangsu, 2013



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