Solar LED

Elevated Runway Guard Light

The Runway Guard Light is a pair of unidirectional, alternately-flashing yellow lights. It provides a distinctive warning to pilots or vehicle drivers that they are operating on taxiways and are about to enter an active runway.This solar elevated runway guard light(ERGL) complies with these standards: ICAO Annex 14, Volume I and FAA 150/5345-46E. The installation is easy, with no need for trenching and cabling.

Light Features

Provides unidirectional marking with 45~50 alternating yellow flashes per minute at the hold position of taxiway and runway intersections
The two ERGL light sources are surrounded by a black face plate and independent visors to reduce the amount of incident sunlight

Easy Installation and Operation

Typically installed in a pair, with one on either side of the taxiway holding position
 3-step intensity adjustment by a remote controller

High Quality

High-efficiency solar panel and long-lasting Lithium battery
The minimum autonomy or operational period without charging is more than 120Hrs
Manufactured by ISO 9001:2015

Light Output180°, Yellow, alternately flashing
Minimum AutonomyHigh-intensity:45hrs ;
Medium-intensity:70hrs ;Low-intensity: 120hrs
OperationLatitude Range55°S to 55°N
Lifespan of LEDSup to 50,000 Hours
On/Off Level60/100 Lux
Solar PanelsMaximum Power 7.2Wp;Efficiency 20%
BatteryLithium, replaceable;16Ah/7.2V
ConstructionLens MaterialPoly-carbonate
Mounting3 bolts
Temperature Range-40℃ to +80℃
Quality AssuranceISO9001:2015
PatentsChinese patent: 201320285073.0
Solar Airfield lighting system
Frequently Asked Questions

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In general,the solar airport lighting is the better choice in the following cases:

     • Airfields that are not needed to fly at night every day;

     • Airstrips not easily connected the electrical cable or without electricity;

     • Airport renovation or temporary airports.

There are many benefits of Solar Airport Lighting System as follows:

• No High Voltage • No CCRS • No Base Cans       

• No cabling • No Cable Conduits • No Isolation Transformers     

• No Grounding    • No Vault   • No Bulbs    • No Glass Lens 

Yes, these lights can be controlled to turn on/off and adjust the intensity by a wireless controller. We can provide two kind of controllers: a Remote Controller with the controlling range of 1Km and a Wireless Control Terminal with 3Km.