Solar LED

2NM Boat Navigation Light

The Solar LED Boat Navigation Light  DWS3052NM is a 2NM solar boat light with three colors specially designed as the navigational signal light of small boats such as yachts and fishing boats. This LED boat light complies with COLREGS(1972) and can easily be mounted on a top of outboard small engine by 2 Bolts and/or Magnet.  It has the characteristics  of  self-contained solar, durable ,anti-UV and easy-operation.

The boat equipment can be set as various boat lights through the touch switch at its bottom:

Tricolor navigation light: 112.5° Red + 112.5°Green + 135°White = 360°;

All-round light:  360 ° white , used as an Anchor light;

Port light : 112.5 ° Red;

Starboard light : 112.5 ° Green;

Stern light : 135 ° White;

Masthead light : 225 ° White;

Bicolor navigation light: 112.5° Red + 112.5°Green;

Flashing light : 360 ° White, used as a Warning light;

SOS Signal light : 360 ° White, used as a SOS Emergency light.

One Light with Nine Functions

Visibility: 2NM
Autonomy Time: 100 Hours
Turns on at dusk and off at dawn automatically.

Two modes of installation

6 Bolts and/or 6 Magnets
Completely solar self-contained without cablin

Three colors available

Red, Green and White LEDs inside it
Navigational signal or Emergency warning signal

Light Output9 types of output mode:
Tricolor navigation light112.5° Red + 112.5°Green + 135°White = 360°
All-round light360 ° white , used as an Anchor light
Port light112.5 ° Red
Starboard light112.5 ° Green
Stern light135 ° White
Bicolor navigation light112.5° Red + 112.5°Green
Flashing light360 ° White, used as a Warning light
SOS signal light360 ° White, used as a SOS Emergency light
Minimum Autonomy100 hrs
OperationLatitude Range50°S  to  50°N
Lifespan of LEDSup to 50,000 Hours
Solar PanelsMono-crystalline
Maximum Power 1.1Wp
Efficiency 20%
BatteryNi-Mh , replaceable
ConstructionLens MaterialPoly-carbonate
MountingBolts and/or Magnet
Temperature Range-40℃ to +80℃
Frequently Asked Questions

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In general, the solar boat navigation light DWS3052NM is more suitable for small boats such as Yachts, Fishing boats etc..

The 9 functions of the solar boat light DWS3052NM are divided into two categories: Navigation signal light and Emergency warning light. The selection of a certain function can be confirmed through the Touch switch at the bottom of the light.

In cases of emergency, such as engine failure, hull damage, etc., the flashing light (No. 8) or SOS signal light (No .9) can be selected to warn or inform the surrounding vessels.

  • Ponton, Dredger
  • Barge, Fishing boat
  • Tug Boat, Tow