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Airport lights installed with ICAO Annex 14 Volume I standard can help pilots to identify airport runway with low visibility, like nighttime or dusk time.

DoubleWise® Solar Airport Lighting Solution combines the most advanced solar IoT, control, and LED technologies. We have been supplying solar airfield lighting products, services, and solutions to worldwide customers since 2001. Our solar-powered LED airport lights fully comply with aerodrome industry standards like FAA and ICAO.

Solar airport Lights are becoming more popular these years with features like easy-to-install, solar self-contained, cost-saving, and low maintenance. Our solar airport lights are easy to install or replace with zero disruption to airport day-to-day operations. It is especially advantageous for airstrips with no electrical or old airport reconstruction.

Navigation lights can help boats to avoid collisions when they are underway or anchored at night or in low visibility. 

DoubleWise® Solar Boat Navigation Lights are specially designed for unpowered boats like barges, sailboats, dredgers, tug boats, etc. These LED boat lights have the advantages of being solar self-contained, durable & easy-to-install and complying with COLREGS (1972), UL 1104, and EN 60945(2002) standards. They can significantly improve navigation safety.

DoubleWise® Solar Marine Lanterns can provide 360° visual coverage from 2NM up to 13NM and guide vessels safely into ports and harbors. It can be installed on buoy or lighthouse lighting, port & harbour entry lighting systems, channel and canal markers, offshore oil & gas infrastructure, research buoys, monitoring control systems, etc. And it requires low maintenance.

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As one of the most popular brands of solar IoT lighting systems worldwide, DoubleWise® is dedicated to providing solar solutions in airfield lighting, non-powered boat lights, navigation lights and aviation obstruction lighting. 

DoubleWise®, the Xi’an-based solar IoT tech company born in 2001, develops and manufactures solar products with a strong focus on quality, efficacy, and customer service.


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