Solar Powered

Airfield Lighting System

DoubleWise® Solar Airfield Lighting Solution combines the most advanced  solar IoT, control and LED technologies. We have been supplying solar airfield lighting products, services and  solutions to Worldwide customers since 2001. Our solar powered LED airport lights are fully compliant with aerodrome industry standards including FAA and ICAO.

Lights from DoubleWise® Solar Airport Ground Lighting have the features of Easy installation, solar self-contained, cost saving and low maintenance. These solar airport lighting equipment can be easily installed or removed without disruption to airfield normal operations and are especially for no electrical airstrip or old airport reconstruction.

Low Cost

No trenching & No Central Control Room & Distribution Room

LOW Maintenance

No cabling & all-in-one design with wireless control


Conform to latest international standards & ISO9001:2015 QAS

System Configuration

The Doublewise® Solar Airport Lighting System is usually composed of Wireless remote control terminal, Solar runway edge light, Solar taxiway edge light, Solar approach light, Solar sign, Solar runway threshold light, Solar runway guard light, Solar aeronautical beacon and Solar AT-VASIS light etc. ,shown in the following figure.


All solar airport lights are controlled by the Wireless remote control terminal and can realize three levels of dimming: low, medium and high intensity.
The Wireless remote control terminal can be placed on the Fly Control Tower or operated in the field by hand, with an effective control distance of 3000 meters. It also provide the Pilot activated controlling and GSM monitoring for special customers.

  • Lower Cost than traditional systems: No CCRs & no tower required
  • Low Maintenance: Wireless control
  • Complete Compliance: ICAO, FAA, ISO, CE
  • Flexible Movement and Deployment: Portable
  • Advanced Technology: Self-adaptive control algorithm

Technical Specification

Over the past decade, the experience of airport engineering projects has made us clearly understand the uniqueness and complexity of each family airstrip, civil airfield and military airport. Excellent products, thoughtful service and rich engineering experience are the key to the success of solar aerodrome lighting project.


If you can provide your requirements and detailed information of your airport, our senior experts will give you the technical consultation and a complete proposal that includes Layout Drawings shown in above figure, System design and Bills of material(BOM).

Frequently Asked Questions

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In general,the solar airport lighting is the better choice in the following cases:
 Airfields that are not needed to fly at night every day;
 Airstrips not easily connected the electrical cable or without electricity;
 Airport renovation or temporary airports.
There are many benefits of Solar Airport Lighting System as follows:

 No High Voltage No Glass Lens No Base Cans
 No cabling No Cable Conduits No Grounding
 No CCRS No Vault No Bulbs
 No Isolation Transformers
 Low Cost Low Maintenance
 Advanced Technology Complete Compliance
 Easy Installation and Operatio Flexible Movement and Deployment

Yes, these lights can be controlled to turn on/off and adjust the intensity by a wireless control terminal. We can provide two kind of controllers: a Remote Controller with the controlling range of 1Km and a Wireless Control Terminal with 3Km.

As the popular brand of Solar IoT Lighting system worldwide, DOUBLEWISE has been dedicated to providing Solar solutions in Airfield, Non-powered Barge,Navigation Mark, Aviation Obstruction Warning etc.. The XI’AN-based solar IoT technology company, born in 2001, develops and manufactures many solar products with a very focus on quality, efficacy and customer service.






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