Who are COLREG and What Are Their Guidelines for Marine Navigation Lights?

Who are COLREG?

COLREG stands for Collision Regulations, which are international rules and regulations governing the navigation and behavior of vessels at sea. COLREGs provide guidelines to ensure the safe navigation of ships and prevent collisions. They define various aspects such as the right of way, navigation lights, sound signals, and other rules for vessels operating in different conditions and situations. These regulations are crucial for maintaining maritime safety and avoiding accidents between ships.

What Are the Guidelines for Marine Navigation Lights?

The guidelines for marine navigation lights are established by the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (COLREGs). Here are some key guidelines regarding navigation lights for vessels:

1. Vessels must display appropriate lights to indicate their presence, size, and course to other vessels.
2. Power-driven vessels underway must display a white masthead light forward, a green starboard light on the right side, and a red port light on the left side.
3. Sailing vessels under sail only should display a red port light on the left side, a green starboard light on the right side, and a white stern light.
4. When vessels are not under command, restricted in their ability to maneuver, or engaged in certain activities like fishing or towing, they may display additional or alternative lights to indicate their status.
5. Different types of vessels, such as fishing vessels, pilot boats, and vessels under 50 meters in length, have specific lighting requirements.

These guidelines help vessels identify each other’s position, direction, and status at sea, reducing the risk of collisions and ensuring safe navigation. It’s important for mariners to be familiar with and comply with these regulations.

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