Solar LED

FAA L-864 Aviation Obstruction Light

The Solar Medium-intensity Obstacle Light DWS702S is a Solar Powered LED Aviation Obstruction Light which complies with FAA L-864 and ICAO Medium-intensity Type B. The self-contained design makes it concise, reliable, durable, and easy-operation to. Because its shape looks like a mushroom, it also is called “Solar Mushroom Light”. It can complete the synchronization of many lamps by GPS and is widely used in Aviation Warning of Iron towers, Chimneys, Buildings, Crane, etc.

medium intensity

ICAO/FAA flashing patterns and medium-intensity
Solar panel 7.2Wp, replaceable Lithium battery 16Ah/7.2V
Light Output : 360 ° or Any Sector

Automatic and Reliable

Turns on at dusk and off at dawn automatically or by switch
Completely solar self-contained and waterproof IP67
To Charge under nearly all weather conditions and up to 200 hrs of operating capacity from a full charge

High quality

Manufactured to ISO9001:2015 QAS
The lens produced by Bayer is made of polycarbonate and anti-UV

NameMedium-intensity Solar Obstruction Light
Peak Intensity2000 cd ±25%
Vertical Divergence±7.5° at 50% intensity
SourceUltra-intensity LED
Light OutputHorizontal Output360°
Environmental ConditionsWaterproofIP67
Minimum Autonomy200hrs
Solar PanelsMono-crystalline
Maximum Power: 7.2w
Efficiency: 20%
ConstructionLens MaterialPolycarbonate
Quality AssuranceISO9001:2015
PatentsChinese patents: 201320285.73.0 Other patents pending
OptionalGPS Synchronization
DWS702AB is a Medium-intensity aviation obstruction light which complies with ICAO Annex 14 Volume Ι. Because  an electronic bird repeller is added inside it, it becomes a solar aviation obstruction light with bird repellent function.

The electronic bird repellent device produces extremely effective audio-visual threats that frighten, irritate, and disorient birds, forcing them to seek calmer, untreated areas. It can condition pest birds to stay away from treated areas for good.

The light is designed as solar self-contained which can easily be synchronized through GPS. It is especially suitable for large-scale wind turbines, military and civil airports, high-voltage power towers and other occasions with the requirements of preventing harmful birds from invading. It has the characteristics of self charging, durability, UV resistance and convenient installation.
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According to ICAO standards,the characteristics of obstacle lights are as follows:
     Light Type                 Color           Signal Type/(flash rate)    Peak Intensity(cd)    Intensity(cd) at given angles                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            +6°               +10°
Low-intensity,Type A        Red                      Fixed                            10  Min.                   10 Min.          10  Min.    
  (fixed obstacle)
Low-intensity,Type B        Red                      Fixed                            32  Min.                    32 Min.          32  Min.
  (fixed obstacle)
Low-intensity,Type C       Yellow/Blue         Flashing                          40     Min.                                  
   (mobile obstacle)                                       (60~90fpm)                   400  Max.
Low-intensity,Type D       Yellow                  Flashing                          200  Min.                               
 Follow-me Vehicle                                        (60~90fpm)                   400  Max.
Medium-intensity,Type B       Red                  Flashing                          2000±25%                               

DWS702S accomplishes the synchronization of many lights through the GPS.Because this way is wireless, the number of synchronized lights is unlimited and the cost is more economical than these needed a wire-controller.

There are two installation methods:

2.1. Direct installation

The Drawing and Hole map of DWS702S are as follows:

2.2. With the Flangebase

The solar obstruction light DWS702S can also be connected to other structures via a Flangebase, as shown in the figure below.