Solar LED

6NM Marine Navigation Light

The solar powered LED navigation marine light DWS305 is specially designed as the navigational signal light of non-powered ships such as Barges, Tugs and so on. It complies with the COLREGS (1972), UL1104 and EN60945 (2002) standards, with a visibility of more than 6 Nautical Miles and an autonomy 200 hours. The led marine light has the characteristics of solar self-contained, durability, UV resistance and easy installation. If necessary, this solar marine signal light can also be equipped with the GPS , Bird driving or Remote controlling functions.
high configuration, over-the-top performance

Visibility: 6NM
Autonomy Time: 200 Hours
Solar Panel: 12Wp
Replaceable Lithium Battery: 16Ah/7.2V

Dual Redundancy

The fail-tolerant solar energy system is composed of two set of duplicated units.

versatile add-on functions

GPS, Bird Repeller, Remote Control System

Solar LED Marine Navigation Light
Light Output112.5°, 135°, 225°, 360°
Visibility6 NM
Minimum Autonomy200 hrs
SourceUltra-intensity LED
Average IntensityWhite: 260cd
Red: 180cd
Green: 300cd
Amber: 155cd
OperationLatitude Range55°S  to  55°N
On/Off Level60/100 Lux
Lifespan of LEDSup to 30,000 Hours
Solar panelsMono-crystalline
Efficiency 20%
BatteryLithium replaceable
ConstructionLensLens Material: Poly-carbonate
Mounting3 bolts
Temperature Range-40℃ to +80℃
Quality AssuranceISO9001:2015
Chinese Patents201320285073.0
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Using solar navigation lanterns is a best choice for non-powered vessels such as barge,Dredger,Tug or Tow boats etc..

In general, this solar marine navigation light DWS305 is more suitable for larger Dumb Barge more than 50 meters.

Pest bird infestations can result in property damage and health hazards in the field of Barges, Ports etc..

Combining Solar, LED, Sonic and Ultrasonic technology, DOUBLEWISE has developed a unique solar barge navigation light DWS305B with an electronic bird repeller which provides an effective, low-cost and environment-friendly bird control solution for non-powered barges. The device can produce extremely realistic audio-visual threats that frighten, irritate, and disorient birds, forcing them to seek calmer, untreated areas. Electronic bird deterrents condition pest birds to stay away from treated areas for good.

The solar self-contained design makes DWS305B simple and durable, easy to use and install. It is a bird repellent device in the daytime and can be equipped with Led lighting complied with COLREGS (1972) standards at night to play the role of Barge Navigation Lights.