Solar LED

7~10NM Marine Buoy Light

The solar marine buoy light DWS703 is a high-quality marine navigation lantern which visibility can be reached up to 10 nautical miles. The solar self-contained design makes this buoy light concision, reliability, durability and easy-operation. It can provide the 256 flashing rhythms that comply with IALA, Morse code,SOS code and self-defined codes.These patterns are selected by a remote controller and a LED indicator. If needed,the GPS can be equipped.

high configuration

256 IALA flashing patterns and its visibility up to 10NM
Solar panel 7.2Wp, replaceable Lithium battery 16Ah/7.2V
Light Output : 360 ° or Any Sector

Automatic and Reliable

Turns on at dusk and off at dawn automatically
Completely self-contained and waterproof IP67
Minimum Autonomy ≥ 200 hrs of operating capacity from a full charge
Charge under nearly all weather conditions

High quality

Lens is polycarbonate with anti-UV which is produced by Bayer
Manufactured to ISO9001:2015 QAS

SourceUltra-intensity LED
Visibility7~10 Nautical Miles
Light OutputHorizontal Output360° or any sector
Flashing Patterns256 IALA Rhythms
Peak IntensityColor
Minimum Autonomy200hrs
OperationLatitude Range55°S  to  55°N
On/Off Level60/100 Lux
Lifespan of LEDSUp to 30,000 Hours
Solar PanelsMono-crystalline
Efficiency 20%
BatteryLithium, replaceable
ConstructionLens MaterialPolycarbonate
Mounting4 bolts
Temperature Range-40℃ to +80℃
Quality AssuranceISO9001:2015
Chinese Patents201320285073.0

Lateral Marks 

Cardinal Marks

Research buoys

Special Buoy

Oil & Gas Platforms
Offshore Wind Farms
Boat and barge Terminals
Breakwaters and all types of marine infrastructure

Channel and Canal markers

Harbor, Port and Marina entrances

Private aids to navigation

Public piers, Docks and Marine walkways

Floating Hose Markers 
Safe Water Buoys
Isolated Danger Marks
Small Safety Hazard Buoys
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The Doublewise team is dedicated to the design and manufacture of marine aids to navigation (AtoN) lighting equipment including Buoy or Lighthouse  Lighting,  Port & Harbour Entry Lighting systems ,Channel and canal markers, Offshore oil & gas infrastructure, Research buoys and Monitoring  Control systems  since 2001.

Doublewise® Solar Led  marine lanterns can provide  360° visual coverage from 2NM up to 13NM and guide vessels safely into ports and harbors around the world. These solar marine AtoN lights can be installed on buoys and require low maintenance.