Introducing Airport Lighting System

Airport lights are deployed in terms of ICAO Annex 14 Volume I which defines their types, colors, intensity and controlling. These special airfield lights with frangibility can help pilots to identify and locate the airport runway during low visibility, night time and dusk time. Airport lighting generally includes the Airport beacon, Approach lighting system, Runway lights, illuminated Signs & Windsock, Runway Guard light and taxiway lights etc.. The airfield lighting system aids pilots with visually based vertical alignment on approach landing in poor weather or night condition. Solar airport lighting is the better choice when these small, remote, off-grid airfield such as airstrips, general aviation aerodromes , temporary military airports etc. is not easily connected the electrical cable or without electricity. There are many benefits of Solar Airport Lighting System because of no cabling: eco-friendly, economical, easy-maintenance, no high voltage, no isolation transformer,no grounding and so on.


Doublewise had provided Solar Airfield Lighting Systems to many general aviation airports in the world during the last decade, such as FREIJO Airport in Brazil at 2019 shown as above figure and Chinese MINQUAN airport in the following figure.

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